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Price: $5000.00

Category: FACE AC/TA


Product Details


Face capacity 1000
Card capacity 5000
Fingerprint capacity 5000
Max Attendance log 300,000
Management log 10000
Identify mode Face, Fingerprint, card, password and combinations
Display language English
LED 1 (Red-Green dual color)
Wiegand input Inside and outside Wiegand(26/34)
Communication TCP/IP, WIFI (optional)
U-disk Supported
Audio output Voice Interface
Battery 3 Hours Battery Backup ( Optional)
Working voltage DC12V � 5%(current : below 1.5A)
Working temperature -100c~ +600c
Working humidity(RH) 20% ~ 80%
Self-test function Supported
Power management Sleep Mode
FAR/ FRR 0.001/1(%)
Identify speed ?1.0 seconds
Matching mode Supports 1:N
FAR/ FRR 0.00001/0.1(%)
Identify speed ?1.0 second (when enrolled 5000 fingerprints)
Fingerprint input angle 3600(any angle)
Intelligent adaptation function Support
Matching mode Support 1:N